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I just read a post on Fstoppers just now that really touched me and reminded me of the power I have as a professional photographer…

How much is a professional photograph of you/family/friends worth to you?

I would imagine that most people’s answer to this would be ‘priceless,’ right?

Well, if I had a nickel for every time that I quoted a price for photography only to be met with a response along the lines of: “you’re too high/expensive” I would be in a COMPLETELY different tax bracket.

Now before you click away from this blog post I’ll let you know that this is NOT a rant (mostly).  This is simply a reminder of how precious life is and how a lot of people (including myself sometimes) take it for granted.

This is also another building block of inspiration for me (and probably a lot of the other photographers out there) and the reason why I am happy to call myself a photographer.

A little over a year ago a friend of mine past away suddenly at a very young age.  Of course he was one of several people that had made it in front of my lens in numerous candid and joyous occasions.  During those precious moments I obviously wasn’t anticipating having to deal with the weight of digging up a decent-looking, high-res photo for an obituary a few short years later.  Nevertheless, we never know…..

A few weeks later I get a text from my girlfriend saying that her mother past away in her sleep.  I didn’t even know this woman….AT ALL.  We met very briefly at an open mic YEARS before I started dating her daughter.  She got on the mic.  I released my shutter like I did every week at that open mic…..and that was it.  A few short years go by and I’m back on my external hard drive yet again searching and in shock realizing how much power resides in my index finger.

If you clicked on the link above and read the letter I hope that you’ll see the near perfect example of how so many people place time, energy, and money (that they don’t really have in some instances) on material things (yes, I’m guilty here also).

I’ve heard endless excuses as to why people either put off their photo sessions or ultimately don’t end up doing them at all, but have been “planning” and “talking about it” since ’88.

Come on people.

Of course, I’m not saying that professional photographs should be everyone’s #1 priority.  What I am saying is that the next time you’re presented with an opportunity to be photographed whether in a professional setting or not to really give it some thought….or just think about how much your loved ones or close friends will appreciate and cherish your photo.

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